It wouldn't be possible to express how much appreciation and gratitude I have for Julie Ma at KK Graphics. Exceptional, kind service.

Read about how she saved my life, here.

KK Graphics has been a trusted vendor for many years. They are able to accommodate rush requests, make suggestions to optimize projects, and are super friendly. I have worked closely with them professionally and personally and always trust that the projects are executed correctly and at a great value. I have no hesitation recommending KK Graphics!

Moon Ma there has been wonderfully responsive and does great printing.  He helped me out in a rush job in December!  SMALL JOB TOO!

I'm a newbie at digital offset printing. I discovered I needed to do a weekend print run at 6:00pm on Friday evening. Called KK Graphics and after a couple of minutes found out that they could run my job on Saturday. Thank goodness. Even though I needed to be 'educated' to make sure they had the right format in pdf for full bleed, etc--they were polite and stuck with me to make sure we understood each other. Moon handled my order personally, and it came out very well, produced below the estimated cost and completed ahead of schedule. Thanks guys! Only had a little difficulty finding the place: it's around the back of 1825 Egbert (at 1825A).

We've been using KK Graphics for many years -- at least 10 years. They've always been efficient and polite, while providing a quality product. If there have been any issues, they would get resolved immediately.